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Cotton Rosebud Cone 4 (Set of 12)

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Kleinere Roos Center. lichtgewicht, gemaakt van katoen 35mm x 28mm
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Robert Haynes rosebud cones are the ultimate in botanically correct, voluptuously shaped, full rose and closed rosebuds. Robert removed the outer petals and calyx layers of various roses, to reveal this perfectly shaped inner tight rosebud shape.

It’s the perfect beginning for the perfect rose or bud. (Available in 7 graduating sizes) EACH NUMBERED SIZE IS SOLD SEPARATELY

Rosebud Cone (4) Set of 12 – 3.5cm (H) by 2.8cm (W) – (1 3/8” by 1 1/8” W)– (1 9/16” by 1 1/4” W)
Each rosebud is made from lightweight cotton with a central hole located in the base. Hot glue can be used to firmly secure a floral wire inside.

  • The larger (Rosebud Cone 1) is perfect for attaching unwired petals thus creating a lightweight large bloom such as Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora, Avalanche, White chocolate, Baccara and Red roses.
  • The medium-sized (Rosebud Cone 2,3) can be used for a wide variety of medium-sized shrub roses, Cabaret, Ecuadorian, and Memory Lane roses.
  • The smaller (Rosebud Cone 4,5,6,7) are specifically designed for a variety of either completely closed rosebuds or opening rosebuds (simply attach 3 rose petals and finish by adding a full calyx to partially cover the petals).

To create the most realistic roses and closed rosebuds, Robert designed these cones with the following benefits in mind. Speed – You can cover the rosebud with as little as 9 petals and have a completed half-open rosebud.
These rosebuds will save on time limiting the number of petals, due to their instant voluptuous rounded shape. Extremely lightweight – perfect for arranging numerous finished sugar roses and closed buds for safe/stable cake designs.
Space substitute – Use to fill cavity moulds for example – making Sacred Lotus closed buds lighter (Simply fill each cavity mould sparingly with paste, sandwich the 2 part mould around a large wired rosebud 1). Pointed tips – perfect for an easy spiral rose petal attachment.

Tip – If fully immersing a finished unwired sugar rose into Robert’s matt or satin setting glaze, please ensure the rose cone is airtight & completely sealed in paste before applying rose petals. (leaving no exposed areas of the cotton rosebud showing)

Aanvullende Informatie

Merk Sugar Flower Studio
Techniek / Toepassing Bloemenpasta (Gum paste), Flexibele eetbare pasta, Koud porselein, Suikerbloemen
Aantal in verpakking 12
Lengte Nee
Breedte Nee
Diameter Nee
Hoogte / Dikte Nee
Diepte Nee
Afmetingen 35mm hoog x 28mm breed
Kleur Wit
Thema Bloemen
Feestdagen Nee
Landen & Steden Nee
Seizoenen Nee
Sport Nee
Vaatwasserbestendig Nee
Voedselveilig Nee
Vorm Speciale vormen
Aantal per vorm Nee


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